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A simple drum on/off application. Simply launch and play.

If you enjoy playing the drums and haven’t yet got your own set, then a virtual one might calm down your yearning, at least temporarily. Cracked DrumOn With Keygen is a lightweight application that enables you to freely play the drums using your computer’s keyboard.
Once installed on your computer, DrumOn displays a simple window where a classic drum set is displayed. You will notice that the name of two or more keyboard buttons are written on top of each drum component. Evidently, to obtain a particular sound, you must push the corresponding letter or symbol on your PC’s keyboard. Sadly, hitting too many keys at the same time might not get you the result you want, so the playing is not as smooth as in real life. Moreover, the way keys are assigned to drums is not the most fortunate one.
Things are really simple with DrumOn. If you look in the application’s installation folder, you will see a folder containing all the available drum sounds. On the downside, it’s not possible to customize the sound files from within the application.
Although the experience is far from being the same as when hitting the drums with the drumstick, DrumOn is fun to try out. However, it would be nice to have a list of predefined songs to experience with and a way to customize the keyboard – drum associations.
DrumOn Description:
A simple drum on/off application. Simply launch and play.

Do you remember when the first Mac came out? You probably remember the excitement that swept the country. The icons, and later OS’s would change the world of computing. The Mac became the “cool” company. Then it all fell apart. What happened? What went wrong?
Many people think the classic OS “look” was one of the main problems. Even though OS 9 was not as clean and beautiful as it’s OS predecessors, the simplicity of it made it very usable.
I created this virtual machine to remember and spread the excitement and success of the original Mac, as well as to learn what went wrong.
This image has a classic OS X “look” to it. It includes the Finder, Dock and the applications that were on the machine.

If you enjoy playing the drums and haven’t yet got your own set, then a virtual one might calm down your yearning, at least temporarily. DrumOn is a lightweight application that enables you to freely play the drums using your computer’s keyboard.

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(Average) 4/5

Any reason for a low rating? Anything I’m missing? Or perhaps I failed to mention the good stuff, but it’s not part of the rating process. As a matter of fact, what do you think of these keys? I want to know what those buttons do.

drumOn is really good. I wasnt able to produce the rhythm the sound was just a little bit slow. Other than that it was fun to play and I had a lot of fun. Maybe it is because I have a slower computer…

Start playing with the keyboard and you will see. Sure that it is not real or 3D and a little slow and not even like real drumstick but it is fun and simple to play. Sure that it would be better to be able to play with the pad.

I could hear the Tom Tom sounds of drums and bass guitar even if I used a keyboard and it was pretty funny as a kind of drum contest for a blind person.

When I tried it, the keyboard had a Windows7 interface so I could not change the sounds. And the worst thing is that it is an update-free version, no new sounds added for a long time. But it is really fun and so simple to play.

For real drum sounds I think that is a good idea. But a little slow and the keyboard looks like a keyboard for iPad.

It is more that I’m getting a little frustrated with my own computer and what is “free” doesn’t mean “easy”. But I’m working with it.

Well, try to get a good PC to start with. A cheapo is only going to be the source of all your frustrations. Have you tried some other software that does similar? If they’re all turning out a sagg or slow, it’s because it’s the cheap hardware. Try getting the best you can afford. If it’s too slow, then the cheap stuff might be the problem.

Have you tried their forums? Most software forums have specific forums that deal with computers. There is usually a section for “softwares that can play drum sounds”. They usually have examples of programs that are in that category so you can test it out if you wish to. If you try them out and they don’t work, maybe try one of their forums.

Having said that, there’s also the software that is made specifically for drum kits (called a drum-kit). They are easy

DrumOn Free X64

DrumOn is an alternative for a live drum set, suitable for novices or professionals who want to try drumming with a computer keyboard. DrumOn provides an immediate and fun way to hit drums for the PC. With its easy-to-use interface and quality sound, DrumOn will quickly become your best drumming friend.
DrumOn runs on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. DrumOn is not available for Mac or Linux operating systems. DrumOn requires the following software:

The full version of DrumOn is available for just $24.95.

The full version of DrumOn also has this additional feature. The application has many other features, such as virtual drum sets, drum kits, drum games and tutorials.

DrumOn has received 4.5 out of 5 stars from CNET, based on 985 ratings.

Whether you like the sound of the real thing or not, you can always try out this alternative. Of course, you will not find the same result because DrumOn is not a drum set. However, it could help you to find a rhythm of your choice. In any case, the experience will be much more interactive and enjoyable than trying to hit the drums by using the mouse.

Learning music is one of the most important skills for all of us, and one of the best ways to learn is actually playing the instruments. But, for many people, learning to play the instruments takes a long time, because of all the instruments you have to learn at the same time. But now, thanks to the MP3 virtual instrument guitar, you can practice learning to play this instrument, without the help of any other person.

This free application lets you play the guitar with your computer’s keyboard. The instrument has been created by Mr. Ed. The application includes in its version 3.0 several new music tracks and a song with more than 600 different guitar chord sequences. There are also modifications of some songs, as well as the possibility of adding your own songs and chords to this software.

The best part of the application is that the music is in MP3 format, so you can download the guitar chord sequences from the Internet, and then you can practice them whenever you want. In addition, you can also listen to the instruments you are learning.

Besides the guitar, this software can also be used to practice the ukulele, violin, harmonica, mouth organ

What’s New in the?

DrumOn is a lightweight application that enables you to freely play the drums using your computer's keyboard.

I started to play with a couple of programs. Q-Drum is a bit heavy weight with lots of available configurations (buttons on keyboard and on the screen, various sounds and drums and many more) but it is an AWESOME software.


DrumOn is a great and free virtual drumset. You can even save the settings to a MIDI file and play it with almost any music software (Lionel: A song editor, and Ableton Live, Logic Express etc.)
Started playing with it myself and it is super easy to use.


I’m not quite sure this is what you’re looking for, but here’s the closest I can think of:



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System Requirements:

– Windows 10 (64-bit).
– Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter.
– Required space: 2 GB of available hard drive space.
– DirectX: Version 11.
– GL: Version 4.0.
– CPU: Intel or AMD dual-core, quad-core processor or equivalent.
– Processor features: SSE2.
– Memory: 2 GB or more RAM.
– Resolution: Minimum 1024×768.
– Shader Model: 3.0.

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