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This is a cheap and simple personal p2p client. It doesn’t have the power of many others, but it’s lightweight and easy to use. The client can connect to various platforms and protocols and is multi-platform. However, it doesn’t have many features, just a few.

FlipShare Direct is a private p2p platform allowing you to upload, store, search and share anything through a simple and fast client. You can access all content directly from the client, no registration required.

Browse and share videos, images, music, documents and more from any computer. Quickly access files stored online, offline or locally through the cloud. Use multiple accounts to share videos with others.

World Wide Web, abbreviated as WWW, is the internet based, hypermedia, world-wide, global information and communication project. As internet has been growing rapidly, the WWW has evolved, as well.

This is a hack of Microsoft’s FileZilla 1.5.1-pl4, the ability to have multiple “smart mode” actions in the FileZilla client. This adds the ability to send “smart mode” commands via the “sendfile()” method of the “TransferAPI”.

VMware Workstation enables users to run multiple operating systems on a single computer. Each virtual machine (VM) is independent and can be saved or restarted at any time. It is possible to have one instance of Windows running alongside your Windows applications and run Windows Server within VMware Player or Workstation.

Tibetan chanter ( is a chanter for Tibetan language. It is the easiest Tibetan chanter and supports Dzogchen text without any installation. The player is designed for single voice performance. The player uses text files that contain the text to be sung. The text is organized into lines and each line consists of a path of Tibetan words. The user can use text files as.txt,.java or.cs files. It is designed to be a voice performance program, for single performance or group performance. It is currently under development. The latest source code is found at

This package contains a service that assists in the creation of very long internet URLs. It is useful for developers who need to create URLs that can exceed the 8000 byte limit that is imposed by

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Multi-purpose, file compression/uncompression program with command line interface. KeyCommand can be used for compression and decompression. KeyCode for converting text to GUI or vice versa. There are various command line parameters supported. KeyCommand and KeyCode are under BSD license, so they can be modified freely. KeyCommand can be used in Windows applications only. KeyCode can be used for Linux and Mac OSX applications. This utility is coded in C++, so it needs a C++ compiler.
Multiple command line parameters supported, which can be easily accessed with keyboard. The idea of this utility was to make KeyCommand as a general purpose utility with powerful parameters and fast data transfer. Some of the parameters are:
Download KeyCommand
KeyCode in Github
Compress/decompress files in most common formats.
Supports ZIP, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP, XZ, LZMA, DEFLATE, PPMd, ZPAQ, and others.
KeyCommand can be used in text editors, FTP client, web server or can be used for standalone applications.
Easy to use. Just use commands to execute the program. There are no complicated parameters.
Very fast. Compression/decompression takes only few seconds.
Gigantic number of parameters, all of them use by KeyCommand.
[url= | [url= | [url=
Redis is a networked, in-memory, key-value store, used as a database, cache and queue. It is open source, licensed under version 2 of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). See the GNU wiki for more information:
Redis is good at what it does, but there are times when speed and easy-to-use functionality are just as important as power. In situations where the amount of data being stored is unknown, and/or there is a limited amount of memory available, Redis can be a better choice. Redis should be used carefully and

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Do not use 3rd party libraries and tools that you don’t trust.
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Zerophone Messenger is a light-weight, easy-to-use, open-source instant messaging client based on the XMPP protocol. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android. Zerophone Messenger supports the presence, group chats, file transfers, voice calls, etc. It is cross-platform, and supports Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Android operating systems.
Zerophone Messenger supports group chat and file transfer on the go
Zerophone Messenger is a free-of-charge, cross-platform instant messenger that supports group chat and file transfer on the go. Users can see other users’ presence information, including who is online and the online status of the other users.
Group chat
Users can join a group chat to communicate with other people at the same time. Users can search for existing group chats or form a new group chat. They can also see when other users join or leave the group chat.
File transfer
Users can transfer files with other users through the file transfer feature of Zerophone Messenger. They can transfer any type of files, including documents, images, videos, audio files, and more. In addition, they can send a file to other users via the user’s contact information.
Voice calls
Zerophone Messenger supports voice calls on the go. Users can search for contact names, call the contact and start a voice call. They can also add the contact’s phone number as a contact. The incoming caller can be identified by the contact’s caller ID.
About Zerophone Messenger
Zerophone Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging client

What’s New in the Lightstreamer Server?

Lightstreamer Server is a fast and powerful light, ready-to-deploy Java and.NET webserver. It was designed to be flexible and powerful, allowing developers to create and deploy functional, real-time applications with only a few lines of code.
Lightstreamer Server includes a wide range of ready-to-use features, which make it both a user-friendly and powerful tool, and its Java &.NET API allows developers to customize the tool to meet their specific needs. One key advantage is that users are not required to write any source code, as the server comes with a ready-to-use framework built-in.
Once a user starts their server, the JDK-dependent API allows them to write custom server logic with only a few lines of code, which is then stored in XML or database files. Using this, developers can easily develop and deploy a wide variety of applications, including.NET, PHP, ASP.NET, Flex, J2ME, Java, Android, IOS, BlackBerry, etc. "Lightstreamer Server" is the original tool for.NET developers, and the code was extensively rewritten to support both the.NET and PHP platforms.
Ready-to-deploy on any platform
 The code is available for download, allowing users to customize the server to run on Windows, Mac or Linux based operating systems. Furthermore, as the application is based on Java, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix based operating systems. The server supports a wide variety of protocols, including FTP, WebDAV, SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP, etc., making it a valid solution for a variety of applications.
Extensive support for real-time messaging
 Real-time messaging is one of the most desired features of light, ready-to-deploy servers. This module is included in "Lightstreamer Server" and consists of a package of reusable modules, which are fully integrated with the application. This provides a wide range of functions, from broadcast and unicast messaging to broadcast in unicast or unicast groups. Furthermore, users can simply set a rule with which to limit the number of messages that are transmitted or received and a filtering rule to reduce the amount of messages displayed on the dashboard.
"Lightstreamer Server" features a special Dashboard. This is a built-in module that allows site administrators to monitor all activity. The information is presented in a numerical form, but also in the shape of numerous intuitive and informative graphs.
An easy-to-use API
 The "Lightstreamer Server" API includes a number of ready-to-use options for the developer. The package includes several pre-configured features, but also provides a full set of functional options

System Requirements:

Note: We recommend 1024MB+ of RAM (1GB+ for the recommended settings), and a current-gen (2011 and newer) video card.
Goblin is a turn-based tactics game about goblin mercenaries, magic, monsters and technology. It features a complex and unique mana system, which gives each player a unique pool of mana.
– Create and play campaigns, in turn-based multiplayer.
– Customizable tactical gameplay, with each unit having special abilities
– A randomly generated world with procedurally generated monsters and loot