Our Inspiration

I established the BPM Foundation in November 2017 to:

  • inspire and facilitate collaboration among all healthcare professionals;
  • provide access to sources of information; and
  • encourage and support patients and families

“When we turned to an integrated approach to medicine, we  turned a catastrophic diagnosis into a near miss.”

There are points in your life that change your course and your perspective. Experiencing a near miss in your health is one of those transformative moments that heightens your awareness and changes the trajectory of your life and the way you view your health.


After my husband Brian survived a near miss with a life-threatening illness, we learned three things:

  1. The importance of listening to the signals our bodies send us.
  2. An integrated approach to healthcare and wellness offers potentially life-saving and transformative possibilities.
  3. Most traditional healthcare providers are not aware of the possibilities of an integrated approach to healthcare and wellness.


Before Brian received his life-threatening brain tumor diagnosis, we noticed his body sending signs and symptoms, but didn’t realize these clues were red flags that added up to a much bigger health issue. These days, it’s very common for many of us to just push aside minor complaints and move on. We learned the hard way that, if we wish to optimize our health, listening to our bodies is key.


Have you ever felt like you were missing a piece to a puzzle? Or, suspected that there might be other healthcare resources available that could help you? You were probably right. After receiving a “no-hope” diagnosis for long-term recovery, we later discovered that we had been only a few floors away from the medical alternative Brian needed. But because our doctor wasn’t aware of it, this alternative was never suggested to us as an option. Imagine our elation and our frustration when we found this alternative on our own! We discovered that a group of integrative healthcare practitioners could help us turn a grim health diagnosis into a renewed life trajectory. This experience, which seems all too common, opened our eyes for the first time to integrative medicine and patient-centered healthcare.


Unfortunately, the road we had to take to find this group of alternative practitioners was arduous, requiring patience and persistence. We found it extremely difficult to get any information about alternative treatments from practitioners within the traditional healthcare system. In most cases, this was not because they were withholding information, but because they were unaware of the benefits of an “integrated” model of healthcare. After tons of research, we managed on our own to pull together an integrative team that helped Brian shift from surviving to thriving.


With its “root cause”/patient-centered approach, integrative medicine led Brian to a miraculous recovery and a path back to optimal health. It also created a complete paradigm shift in our views of healthcare and wellness.


How the Integrated Approach Works
The integrated approach is highly personalized. Practitioners spend time asking comprehensive questions and carefully listening and working with patients to understand the root cause of their dis-ease.


After experiencing this patient-centered approach ourselves, we realized how traditional healthcare often misses or ignores the emotional component underlying an individual’s symptoms. In contrast, an integrated approach takes into account a person’s emotional state and its effect on the body to help identify the “root cause” of dis-ease. While choosing a health and wellness path that requires tremendous practitioner-patient interaction is not always easy, it offers access to a lifestyle that is positively transformative.

You don’t have to wait until you have a near miss of your own.
Listen to what your body is trying to tell you,
 and seek out an integrated approach to your healthcare.

Several years after beating the original diagnosis, life threw Brian another challenge that we were not able to overcome. We expanded our search into other non-traditional approaches and discovered additional modalities, which would have been beneficial earlier in our journey, but we were too late. This is when I fully understood the lack of—and need for—awareness and shared information about all modalities among all practitioners.

Introducing the BPM Foundation

The BPM Foundation invites all traditional healthcare providers to learn more about the integrated approach to medicine. We also invite all professionals in the integrative and alternative medicine fields to come together and learn more about each other and your practices. And finally, we invite patients and families to learn more about listening to your own bodies and finding the “root cause” of the signals your body is giving you, no matter where you are in your healthcare journey.  


The primary focus of the BPM Foundation is to connect and serve the community. At its core, our mission is to carry on Brian’s tradition of Faith|Family|Friends|Love — his strong desire to serve and help others as a pharmacist and to create strong ties with family and friends.


The following scripture represents what others saw in Brian:  “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17

This proverb represents what Brian believed in and brought, not only to his personal relationships, but to his professional relationships too.  This is the inspiration behind what we strive to achieve.


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