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The PlayCD application was designed to be a simple and compact audio CD player for Windows, with features such as CD-Text and FreeDB info retrieval, and a practical interface.


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PlayCD Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the ideal application for CD and audio CD playback in Windows environments. Its main goal is to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use and fast CD player for Windows. By its large collection of features, PlayCD can be used as both a CD player and library manager.


Highlights of PlayCD v5.0

-•Updated database: We included and updated numerous FreeDB entries, such as CD-Type, CD-Genre, CD-Artist, CD-Label, CD-Producer, CD-Creator, etc.•More readability: While generally, we kept the same text size, we made formatting changes and added some more…


PlayCD Full Version

Below you can download the full version of PlayCD. Here is a direct download link to PlayCD version 5.0 (the last version), and you will be redirected to the Download Center!

PlayCD version 5.0 is a standalone application that does not need the Microsoft Windows Installer (msi) program.

Please note that PlayCD 5.0 may be different than the version on the website. It is recommended to download the latest version available. Please read the previous posts in this thread to know the differences.

If you do not know how to install software on your computer, or are unsure how to accomplish a particular task, please read our tutorial on how to install or unpack a software or use our how to use the software.

Do not use this thread for product support questions. Please post your questions at the appropriate forum.

– Chinese version available! PlayCD v5.0 Chinese version includes your own name and the correct title (can be Chinese or English). The current available language is only Chinese. The language is chosen after installation.

There is no need to re-download the software! You don’t have to re-run the setup program or unpack the files again!

Before you start the installation, there are two optional options you can choose. If you are planning to install PlayCD on a laptop, it is recommended to uncheck the “Install PlayCD with MS User Account” option.

Uncheck the option and then proceed with the installation.

You can also choose to take advantage of WinZip’s encryption scheme, to protect your computer against the potential of data stealing. If you are ok with the installation on your computer, you can specify the password

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PlayCD Full Crack is a simple and fast CD player that can play either single or multiple CDs with multiple discs being loaded at the same time. PlayCD supports either RealTek audio devices or SoundBlaster audio devices. It is free to use in any non-commercial applications.
PlayCD Download:
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PlayCD is a demo version. You can buy the full version of PlayCD from The purchase is either in CD, floppy disk, or download card format.

WMP10 Card Browser is a plugin that simplifies the card browsing experience on portable devices, including mobile phones, PDAs and standard PCs. It supports both DVD and CD-ROMs, and you can even browse Multiple Media files such as CD-Audio, MP3, JPEG, and OGG. There are many features and can be customized for many needs.
WMP10 Card Browser Features:
Play Video files in CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
Play MP3/WMA/WAV files in CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
Support Multiple Media files
Support many audio formats like MP3, WMA, MP2/AAC, OGG/Vorbis, and many others
Support many kinds of cards including UMS/CD, SMC, iTunes, TOSHIBA, and others.
Supports Media database containing most popular audio artist, album, title, and MP3 file info
Supports Drag and Drop of music
Supports various folder templates
Supports other useful features like:
Supports multi-playback and multi-recording
Supports auto-scan, saving database, and delete database
Supports easy play, pause, stop, Fast-forward, and rewind
Supports loading saved database on your computer
Supports default Media Player Control and Media play control
Supports bookmarking and jump list
Supports audiobook
Supports Quick History and Auto-scroll
Supports bookmarking list
Supports RealAudio list
Supports ipod
Supports WMV/DivX
Supports FLAC
Supports CD-Text.
Can be run as stand-alone application or as plug-in in any media player
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Win98/Me/2000 SP2
WMP10 Plugin can support Windows 95.


PlayCD Torrent (Activation Code) Free PC/Windows

PlayCD helps you play CD and rip your favorite music or perform music notation. With its customizable interface, editable background and many options, PlayCD is probably the easiest CD player you’ve ever used.
PlayCD Features:
– Designed for personal and professional users
– Compatible with both Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP/2003
– Powerful play, edit and rip features
– Support CDText, FreeDB, DeliB or MusicXML and other CDDB sources
– Easy to use for anyone, beginner to professional
– Includes title and artist display and edit
– Comes with a multimedia utility to display photos, show and save slideshows, show presentations and more
– Can extract audio and video formats including MP3, AAC, VOB and AVI
– Support RealPlayer (Windows version only)
– Free to download and easy to use
PlayCD is a standalone software and does not require any other applications.
What is New in Version
– Patches the reliability problems discovered during the beta period
– Correctly implements the workaround for known bugs in WinPE
– Displays the correct folder size in the disk list
– Fixed issues with the embedded audio codecs

ImageViewer Plus is a image viewer and editor for Windows with advanced image processing features. It supports a wide range of image formats, including GEOJ and MNG, and can decompress and re-compress multiple formats while maintaining original image quality. It features convenient conversion and editing functions, allowing you to edit and resize images, adjust colors and brightness, and add special effects such as borders, shadows, and so on. The program can be controlled using a simple interface or a set of buttons. By combining multiple functions, ImageViewer Plus makes it easy to access and edit your digital image files.
ImageViewer Plus Description:
ImageViewer Plus is the ideal companion for digital image lovers who want to edit images using advanced tools and automatic conversions. It includes more than 50 functions, including image file management, RAW image and JPEG image support, conversion, editing and image visualisation functions, and powerful tools for retouching, removing and cropping elements from the digital image.
– RAW image support
– JPEG image support
– Support for a wide range of image formats
– Support for multiple image formats at the same time
– Support for RAW editing
– Support for automatic conversion
– Automatic

What’s New in the?

PlayCD is a compact and easy-to-use CD player for Windows. PlayCD can be configured to support a large number of play modes, including text display, audio and video playback, and internet play.
PlayCD Features:
*** CD Text ***
PlayCD can display CD text from the main project file (MS-DOS-based CD text files) and from the CDDB/Freedb text databases (from the Netscape/Mozilla CDDB system).
PlayCD also has play modes that play audio tracks as individual samples. These modes are freebcd, audio, background, audio_bg, audio_freedb, audio_freedb_background, audio_text, audio_text_fd, audio_text_freeb, audio_video, audio_video_background, audio_video_background_fd, video, video_text.
*** Audio ***
PlayCD can play audio from the main project file or from the CDs bin files. All audio files are analyzed and can be played at different sampling rates.
Most audio files also have a text track and can be set to open the file at specified playing positions.
*** Video ***
PlayCD can play video clips (video codecs that are either compressed or as uncompressed bitmaps). PlayCD can also play video movie files (.avi or.wmv).
*** Background ***
PlayCD can play audio or video clips while a CD is in the background, even when the PC is not idle. PlayCD uses a system timer to determine the audio or video interval to be played (at a default setting of 1 second).
*** Internet***
PlayCD can connect to the Internet to get information for a list of websites, or to download information.
For more information, see:
PlayCD Notes:
PlayCD is currently in Alpha development. It will also not be distributed as a VST-plugin.
Compatible with:
PlayCD can be run in each of the following Windows versions:
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
PlayCD for Windows & Mac:

PlayCD for Linux:

Alpha versions of PlayCD:
(NOTE: the site is currently inactive, but the files are still available

System Requirements For PlayCD:

Windows 7
DirectX 11
The game is only compatible with the PC
The game does not support 3D hardware acceleration and some (but not all) features will not work
Minimum system requirements:
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Quake III Arena 2.0 (2.0.10 or later)
Quake III Arena 2.0 (2.0.12 or later)
Quake III Arena 2.0 (2.0.13 or later)