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Pro Task List for Windows 10/8.1 is a reliable and straightforward application that comes in handy for Win8 users who need to control, manage and organize their important tasks and notes within seconds, as well as synchronize them with SkyDrive in a secure way.
What’s more, the program enables you to pin each task or note to Start so each time you open your computer or press the ‘Win+D’ key shortcut, you are able to preview all your important tasks. If you press on their image, you will be automatically redirected to the proper details.
In case you want to add a new Task, simply navigate to the proper tab and press the ‘Add Task’ button. Pro Task List enables you to specify basic details such as name, schedule it and synchronize it with a SkyDrive folder, as well as set its priority to ‘Urgent’, ‘High’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Low’.
Since the application can be resized and placed anywhere on the screen, you can easily manage and organize all the stored tasks and personal notes while browsing the Internet, chatting with your friends, sharing documents and working at your projects, unobstructed.
Additionally, the application enables you to filter all the available tasks and notes by their priority and deadline.
If you want to personalize a specific task, you can access the Organize section and choose the color you like most. This way, you can preview all your available tasks with different colors. You can easily pin colored notes or tiles to your Start screen, share them with your friends and synchronize them in a secure way.
Considering all of the above, Pro Task List for Windows 10/8.1 comes in handy for users who need arrange their important tasks in specific folders and synchronize them with SkyDrive.







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Stick your important tasks on the Windows Taskbar with Pro Task List for Windows 10/8.1 and start your day organized.
Simply glance through the program and organize your daily tasks. If you like what you see, just drag and drop the tasks onto the Windows Taskbar for quick, easy access.
With Pro Task List you can move the Windows Taskbar to an alternate location, add more virtual taskbars, add a Favorites button to the task bar, quickly access your most used applications, pin the program to your Start menu, and more.
• Windows 10 and 8.1 compatible
• Add, Remove and Sort Tasks
• Set Task Priority to Normal, Urgent, High and Low
• Pin Tasks to the Windows Taskbar
• Pin Notes with Colors to the Windows Taskbar
• Access all your important tasks from the Windows Taskbar
• Sync Notes with your SkyDrive account
• Manage Notes between different Windows Accounts
• Add More taskbars
• Sort Tasks by Date and Time
• Create and edit Note Text
• Set the Task Date and Time
• Adjust Note Color
• Set Task Priority
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What’s New In?

A powerful task manager, notes organizer, and sharer.
– View and organize your tasks, notes, and other notes.
– Add your own tasks, notes, and notes in different folders.
– Pin your tasks and notes to the Start screen.
– Share your notes and notes to Facebook, Twitter, G+, or Email.
– Plus a few more great features.
# Only require Microsoft Office32;
# Only require winedbg32;
# No need for.NET Framework 4;
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# Update Image;
# Update about tab placement.

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