To support other non-profit organizations with similar missions.  To educate traditional health care providers and patients on the benefits of functional and alternative medicine and nutrition in leading and living a healthy lifestyle.  To empower patients to have knowledge of functional, integrative, and alternative approaches to lead their own health and wellness or lead their own recovery.

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Mission Statement

To raise awareness of functional, integrative, alternative, and nutritional medicine to prevent disease, aid in recovery, or complement treatment of disease.  Support, educate, and empower individuals to have control over their own optimal health and wellness.  We will accomplish this thru hosting and participating in 5K run/walks, bike rides, and other fund raising events. These events will help raise awareness and educate individuals to alternatives to traditional health care on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

BPM Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

What is Integrated Healthcare?

Like multiple spokes around a single hub, integrated healthcare encompasses a spectrum of healthcare practitioners working in collaboration to provide a multi-dimensional approach to complex health concerns from a person-centered perspective.


It emphasizes a holistic approach to health care —including mental, emotional, functional, spiritual, social, and community aspects—and treating the whole person within the context of their family, faith, and other support networks.


Treating the whole person addresses both the patient’s immediate needs as well as the effects of the long-term and complex interplay between a range of biological, behavioral, psychosocial and environmental influences are addressed.


As such, it recognizes the paramount importance of the therapeutic relationship between the patient and practitioner being grounded in trust, curiosity, and compassion.


Integrated healthcare makes use of appropriate therapies from all branches of medicine, including modern science based approaches as well as traditional medicines. It encompasses practitioners across all aspects of the mind/body/spirit axis, and advocates for the use of diverse therapies to enhance overall well-being.


As such, it recognizes the importance of professional relationships between practitioners being grounded in co-operation, communication and mutual respect for the integrity of each therapeutic approach and its utilization for the benefit of the patient.


This holistic approach broadens the range of practitioners and modalities engaged in healthcare to provide highly individualized approaches.

  • The patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process.
  • The care addresses the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit in the context of community.
  • Providers advocate the use of all appropriate healing sciences to facilitate the body’s innate healing response.
  • Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive are preferred.
  • Alongside the concept of treatment, the broader concepts of health promotion and the prevention of illness are paramount.

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